by Jeff Becker

Perhaps by sharing an experience from the core of the soul, one’s writing can be offered as a gift to others of faith, love, and hope, for each and every one of us has a story that is waiting to be told. ~ Lisa Salisbury

This book exists because a group of people who are making contact with intelligent life that is “from elsewhere” felt that it was important that they tell their story. When I first mentioned my idea for this book on a facebook group page, I was astonished at how many people not only thought it was a good idea that this information be made public, but who wanted to share their own experiences. I made it clear that I wanted this to be personal, exploring what they went through when they decided to try to make contact, and how these experiences have changed their lives. Make no mistake, when you first see something that astonishing, that unexplainable in ordinary terms, and that unmistakable, your life is changed forever.

I made it clear at the outset that we would be using our real names and revealing our identities. It takes a certain amount of courage to do this. The subject of UFOs and ET contact is still taboo in our society. People are ridiculed. They may lose professional standing. They may lose friends. For many of us, even our parents, brothers, and sisters, don’t accept or understand what we are doing, and more importantly, why. As you read these stories, I hope you begin to understand why. Also, in order to maintain credibility, none of us will make so much as a penny from this book. Many have poured considerable time, effort, and dollars into its production. None will be paid or reimbursed. All proceeds will go to one or more non-profit organizations that we have selected as a group.

Many, many others have seen extraterrestrial spacecraft and sometimes the people who operate them. Because of a culture of ridicule, many of these people are afraid to talk, but need desperately to do so. If you are one of these people, it’s time to be fearless. You may be surprised when you find out how many of the people you know are in exactly the same situation. Please find some way to get together and help each other.

Human Initiated Contact

Not all of the experiences shared in this book are about human initiated contact, but most of them are. In some cases, unexpected sightings of UFOs or encounters with beings have led people to pursue additional contact, often in order to understand what happened or to prove to themselves that it was real, not a hallucination or some form of insanity. Some people have had encounters with extraterrestrial intelligence for most of their lives, while some have only recently begun to have such experiences. But, once they decided to seek contact, they succeeded. The important message is this: contact with extraterrestrial intelligence is open to everyone.

This is not a “how to” book, we will not be providing step-by-step instructions for making contact. That information is readily available, and references are provided in this book and on this website. This book is about being fearless and open to possibilities. It is about inspiring others to seek contact. The truth is out there, and if you seek it, you will have the proof you desire right before your eyes in the sky, or possibly in your own living room.

This will change your life. If you pursue your own path to contact, it will not only lead you outward into a universe teeming with life, it will take you deep inside to find out who you really are. You will need to learn to think for yourself and discard old beliefs that do not mesh with the new reality you have discovered. You will need to learn how to trust and love in a way that for some may be quite new. You will need to learn how to look past surface differences such as skin color and eye shapes in order to see how we are alike, because if you can’t accept other human beings for what they are, you’re going to have a tough time accepting beings who are quite different.

This is not a religion. The truth is available for everyone to discover by experience. Extraterrestrials are not gods and should not be worshipped. Some consider them family, because in their experience, that is what they have come to know. They are not here to save us from our own stupidity, but there is evidence that they are helping individuals and humanity as a whole in certain ways. Our stories will tell you some of the things we have discovered, but it is up to you to confirm these things for yourself.

The Value of Testimony

This book is also not about proving that UFOs and ETs exist. The authors of this book take that for granted; this is our firsthand, eyewitness testimony about some of our amazing experiences. Some UFO skeptics tend to discredit eyewitness testimony because it is not acceptable as scientific evidence, yet such testimony is in essential aspect of determining the truth in courts of law, in many religions, in history, and in science itself.

In a court of law, the word of one individual against another is not likely to sway a decision. However, corroborating testimony from multiple independent witnesses is viewed as increasing the likelihood that what they are claiming is true. In an interview with Paola Harris, in which she states that testimonies concerning UFO phenomena “are essential to historical truth and must be considered heavily,” Monsignor Corrado Balducci also points out that Catholicism is entirely based on human testimony, primarily letters of the followers of Christ. Historians try to work from primary sources in order to determine what happened in the past, which for certain time periods is often in the form of letters from one individual to another that have been carefully saved.

Is this evidence reliable? Often, for a precise determination of particular details, it is not. People are not always careful observers, memories can be faulty, and language for describing things beyond ordinary experience is often lacking. But for conveying the big picture, that something significant happened, the combined testimony of a number of witnesses can be compelling.

Is science really different? Scientists are trained to observe and record carefully when performing experiments, to carefully describe the process they used, and to think clearly about all of the factors that might affect the outcome when analyzing their results. And then the results are published. The end result is words on paper, a personal testimony regarding the experiment and its outcome. The physical evidence is often destroyed at the end of the experiment, and only the records remain. The most important part of science is not the results of a single experiment, a single testimony, it is corroboration, the ability for someone else to try the same experimental process and get the same result.

What if we look at human initiated contact with extraterrestrial intelligence as an experiment that can be replicated? The process is understood, and it has been independently repeated by numerous individuals. Some of those individuals have contributed their stories to this book. Granted, the experimental process to date has been informal, as has been the process by which the results are documented, but the way has been shown.

Why the cover-up?

When people first learn enough about UFO/ET phenomena to understand that they are being misled by official pronouncements that it’s all just swamp gas, military flares, and weather balloons, one of the first questions they ask is “Why the cover-up?” One explanation frequently suggested is that it’s because government officials fear a mass panic. An example often cited is the Orson Welles “War of the Worlds” radio show broadcast on Halloween, October 30, 1938. This play about a Martian invasion of earth was written and performed so that it would sound like a real news broadcast. It’s one thing to deceive people with a fake news show about massive destruction and impending global defeat by marauding aliens, and quite another to quietly inform them that peaceful emissaries from other star systems are making their existence known. A great many of us have discovered this truth and we are not panicking. Yes, there are fear issues, but how much is simply fear of the unknown, and how much is conditioning due to years of being lied to about “evil aliens?”

“The presence of unidentified space craft flying in our atmosphere (and possibly maintaining orbits about our planet) is now, however, accepted by our military.” ~ Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer, Dr. Albert Einstein [1]

So what is really going on? Perhaps initially the subject was kept secret because military forces around the world, and the governments they uphold, did not want to admit that they were powerless to stop these intrusions into the country’s air space. It’s an obvious national security issue of great importance. Here was an unknown force of obviously superior power, yet little or nothing was known about who was behind it or what their motivations were.

Once the performance characteristics of these craft were observed, it was obvious that they were using technology far beyond anything we have, and physics we didn’t understand. Given an existence proof, possibly a downed craft, and nearly unlimited funding, black projects could and most likely did reproduced some aspects of this advanced technology. What if it wasn’t all that difficult [2]? Then denying the existence of such vehicles becomes crucial for the protection of military secrets and the laws of physics upon which they are based, laws of physics that aren’t being taught at MIT or Cal Tech.

These new sciences and technologies have the potential to change everything. Global transportation would be revolutionized with transoceanic flights being possible in minutes rather than hours, without fuel. Energy generation would be revolutionized, making the fossil fuel industries irrelevant in just a few years. The vested interests that control these industries do not want this sort of change. Trillions of dollars are at stake. That’s just the start.

As prominent ufologist Stanton Friedman has said, “nationalism is the name of the game.” If people begin to see themselves as from earth instead of from America or Iran or China, those who keeps us divided against each other lose important levers with which to control us. Also, if we can no longer be tricked into fighting unjust wars, then another lucrative industry, arms sales, becomes irrelevant.

The collapse of world religion is also cited, but the Catholic church, arguably one of the world’s most powerful institutions, has already begun to hedge on the extraterrestrial question and announce that the existence of such beings is not inconsistent with church doctrine[3]. Certainly, as the stories in this book illustrate, belief systems will undergo some strain. But, for the most part, knowing that we are not alone is uplifting and liberating. Therein lies the greatest danger to those who would wish to remain in control.

When you know that you are being lied to about something so fundamental, the existence of other intelligent life, you begin to question everything. Protecting the status quo, the political power structures, the industries, even the banking system, depends on the majority of the people believing what they are told. When people stop believing the lies, they can no longer be controlled by them.

When we start to look into the ET question more deeply, when we begin to understand who they are and the sorts of interactions we are having, we are forever changed. We begin to understand that we are much more like them than we imagined, that we are all part of a much greater whole, and that we are far more powerful than we ever imagined.

How the cover-up works

The cornerstone of the cover-up is a culture of ridicule. It seems that those in charge of keeping this issue out of the mainstream consciousness are well schooled in group psychology. Simple things like goofy pictures of ETs with equally goofy headlines on the cover of tabloid newspapers in the grocery checkout lane, and news broadcasts with snickering and far-out music like the “X-Files” TV show theme song whenever a UFO story is presented, are enough to make most people believe that this is not a serious subject. The result is a culture of ridicule, where people are afraid of talking about strange things they have seen in the sky for fear of being laughed at. This is enormously powerful. Once this culture of ridicule is in place, it takes very little effort to maintain it.

Another effect of the culture of ridicule is that it tends to stop most people from going out of their way to look into this subject in any depth. Why waste time on nonsense? Those of us who were not deterred by this found lots of information, but also lots of disinformation. One way to keep a true story, picture, or video about a UFO sighting from receiving a lot of attention is to surround it by lots of false stories, sometimes just slightly modified versions of the original. Flooding information sources such as the internet with disinformation is another of the techniques used in the cover-up.

Although there are notable exceptions, many scientists have reported that admitting a serious interest in the subject of UFOs or ETs would be damaging to their professional reputation [4]. There are areas of science that take the study of life beyond earth seriously (e.g., exobiology, astrobiology, and the SETI program), but their scope and methods are carefully circumscribed. Compelling evidence for visitation by off-world beings is given little, if any, consideration. Science is a human process and subject to human limitations. In their book Forbidden Archeology, Michael Cremo and Richard Thompson present numerous examples showing that:

“there exists in the scientific community a knowledge filter that screens out unwelcome evidence. This process of knowledge filtration has been going on for well over a century and continues right up to the present day.”

If the date of an artifact determined by established methods can be disregarded because it does not fit preconceived notions of history, consider the mental leaps that would be required for a neuroscientist who understands the mechanisms of the brain in great detail to accept that telepathy is real, or for a physicist to accept reports of partial materialization of a spacecraft. Because of deep commitment to a learned view of how the universe works, it is only natural that a scientist will look for and propose alternative explanations for UFO evidence that fit the universe as they understand it. No dark intent is required, it’s just human nature.

When a serious case does receive national attention, such as the Travis Walton case[5] or the Phoenix Lights[6], the debunkers show up. Debunking is not a scientific process and is never about finding out the truth. It is about providing an explanation that those who wish to disbelieve can latch on to so that they can go on with their lives undisturbed. This is backed up by official denials of any interest in UFO activity. If this approach fails, the debunkers go on the attack, making false accusations about the character of the witnesses. If the situation escalates further, a witness may even be threatened or silenced.

It is said, incorrectly, that governments can’t keep secrets. The fact is, as some of us who have experience in the classified world can attest, they are really pretty good at it. The techniques listed above help to control information after it has “escaped”, but that doesn’t really happen all that often. The chapter by Todd Michael has a more in depth discussion of how secrecy is maintained.

ET activity around the planet is closely monitored. A number of the authors of this book have witnessed surveillance activity as they were making ET contact, and even activity that appeared to be intended to “chase off” any ETs in the area. It is unclear what sorts of devices are used to detect ET activity, but it is remarkable how quickly a supposedly ordinary helicopter, jet, or SUV can arrive on the scene.

How the cover-up is being ended

When secrecy around the subject of UFOs was first institutionalized, it took on a life of its own. Careers, organizations, and programs were developed to keep the secrets, and to learn more about the phenomena. Countless lies have been told, lives have been taken, and knowledge that would be of great benefit to humanity has been suppressed. It seems unlikely that those responsible for keeping these secrets will suddenly start telling the truth. There are legal implications to what has been done, and it would be an admission of guilt. Even so, there are indications that some on the “inside” feel it is time that at least some of this information be made public[7].

Many countries have begun to release their UFO files. Among these are Brazil, France, Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, Denmark, Sweden, Uruguay, Russia, Ukraine, Finland, and New Zealand. Notably absent is the USA. Whether this is part of a planned slow ending of the cover-up or independent action is unclear, but hundreds of thousands of documents are now available for intrepid investigators.

Military and government witnesses are speaking openly about what they know. The first big release of this information was of course The Disclosure Project[8], which included a big press conference in 2001. Many of the witnesses involved, and more, continue to work to get the truth out to the public. There have been other similar press conferences, including one that focused on nuclear weapons systems that were shut down when a UFO was present[9]. It seems likely that this will continue and more witness will come forward in the future.

We do not need to stand idly by and wait while this slow unveiling is taking place. Star people and the technology they use, are not under the control of any government on Earth. Mahatma Gandhi once said, “If the people lead, the leaders will follow.” This book documents a small part of a grass roots movement involving citizen ambassadors making contact with our neighbors from the stars. Dr. Joseph Burkes calls this “the contact underground.” It is growing rapidly and soon may become much more visible. There are a number of forces driving this movement, but first and foremost is the ETs themselves. All of the well-known people in the contact movement, such as Dr. Steven Greer and James Gilliland, have had many significant contact experiences. Most importantly, the ETs reliably support sincere efforts at making contact by showing up and making their presence known.


One of the many gifts I have received from contact is hope. Hope for the future, our future. There are advanced civilizations that have learned to live in peace, and we could be one of them. But, what good will it do us to master the incredible power of yet more advanced science and technology when we haven’t mastered ourselves? That is why these paths to contact lead not only to the stars, but to deep inside ourselves.

This book is for our children, your children, and their children’s children, the generations to come. The world is on a path of self-destruction. The only way to avert this disaster is for people to awaken from this dark nightmare of lies and limitations and realize that we have the power to make the change that is needed. We each create heaven or hell, every day, right here, right now, by how we treat each other. By following our hearts, by expressing the boundless love within, we can transform this world into the one we all want to live in, and that we are proud to pass on to our children.

You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us, and the world will live as one.

~ John Lennon

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