Working Group Leaders Toolkit


Project Overview

As a successful extraterrestrial contact working group leader, we are interested in your thoughts as to how to go about creating and organizing a successful working group. By successful we mean that 1) your group makes regular ET contact, and 2) your members are engaged and enthused. Ideally, some of your members will move on and form their own working groups. The questions and categories below are just a guideline. Please feel free to respond with anything that you think is important for working group leaders to know!

The Working Group Leaders toolkit will be distributed online for free and may include tips, tricks, exercises, sample documents (questionnaires, forms, etc.), sample presentations, guided meditations, video, audio, links to other useful material, etc. This will be a living collection of useful materials that will be updated regularly. Text may be made available in PDF or Kindle form.

In order to make the process as easy for you as possible, we can accept your input in the form that is most convenient for you, whether it is by interview over the phone, interview in person, or written. We would like to visit as many working groups as possible to watch you in action, conduct some interviews, and shoot some video, but it may not be possible to get around to everyone in a timely fashion.

Topics of Interest

  1. Getting started
    1. What does it take to be a working group leader?
    2. How do you find new members?
    3. How do you screen new members?
    4. What steps do you take to train new members?
    5. How do you select a location for field work?
    6. How do you set a schedule for field work?
    7. Do you assign different responsibilities to members?
      1. What are they?
    8. What is the schedule for a typical evening?
  2. Indoor Activities
    1. Do you hold indoor sessions as part of your field work meetings?
      1. What do you do?
    2. Do you hold separate indoor sessions that do not include field work?
      1. What do you do?
  3. Field Work
    1. How do you go about setting up for a night of contact?
    2. What tools and equipment do you typically use?
    3. Do you record your field work activities? If so, how?
    4. How do you go about inviting contact?
    5. How do you conduct group meditations?
    6. How do you report your group activities?
  4. Becoming an Expert
    1. Learning about the night sky
      1. Recommended tools
      2. Teaching during field work
    2. How to recognize anomalous activity
      1. Different types of anomalous activity
      2. Normal activity that can be confused with anomalous activity
  5. Next Steps
    1. Community involvement
      1. Public presentations
    2. Preparing for physical contact
    3. What to do if they land
  6. Resources
    1. Video
      1. Video of contact events
      2. Video of things that look cool but aren’t contact events
    2. Audio
      1. Guided meditations for indoors
      2. Guided meditations for contact
    3. Web Pages
      1. Contact related web pages
      2. Working group web pages/facebook groups/etc.
    4. Activities and Exercises
      1. Activities for building group coherence
      2. Meditation techniques
      3. Developing intuitive skills (magic box, partner work, etc.)
      4. Raising vibration
    5. Techniques
  7. Directory
    1. Working group leader contact information
    2. Working groups looking for members
    3. People looking for a working group